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Diggers and Dumpers


If you’re looking to either dig or move large quantities of earth some form of digger and dumper will be required. Both diggers and dumpers are considered the main types of equipment in the earthmoving equipment category. Diggers and dumpers come in a variety of sizes and types each offering different advantages depending on the job being carried out.


Digger types

- 0.8-ton micro digger - sometimes called a “doorway digger” because of its narrow width (725mm).
- 1.5-ton mini digger - the most commonly stocked machine because of it balance of power and size making it suitable for a wide variety of jobs.
- 3-ton mini digger - suitable for larger jobs hence it’s considered a mini excavator due to its size and power.
- 5-ton mini digger - a powerful machine that has a digging depth of over 3m
- 8-ton midi digger - a workhorse that can take on any challenge. A serious machine that can digger over 4 metres on a stable base.


Dumper types

- 0.5-ton mini tracked dumper - this small walk behind allows the earth to be moved along the uneven ground
- 1-ton hi-tip dumper - this is ideal for jobs that require loading material into skips.
- 3-ton front dumper - ideal for moving large amounts of the earth due to its large 3000kg bucket capacity.
- 3-ton swivel dumper - the power swivel allows the dumper to work in compact spaces
- 6-ton front dumper - perfect for large job sites with rough terrain.
- 6-ton swivel dumper - ideal for big jobs but where the certain aspects of the job require a tight turning circle.


Digger attachments

- Ditching (grading) bucket - this does not have teeth and not suitable for heavy digging. It can be used for grading, sloping and ditch maintenance.
- Auger drill kit - used for making post holes and hole bores.
- Breaker - these hydraulic breakers make light work of breaking through tough materials


All diggers and dumpers should be hired with short-term plant hire insurance.

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