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Digger Attachments


Why do you need attachments?

Mini digger attachments allow you to use the power of the digger with the special ability of the chosen attachment. Using attachments can be a safe, efficient method of performing otherwise labour intensive and possibly dangerous tasks. The efficiencies made allow for jobs to be completed quicker and will save you money in the long term.


What types of attachments exist?

There are many types of attachment each performing a specific task. Examples of attachments include; buckets, augers, breakers, crushers, compactors, magnetic lift and piling croppers.


Attachments can only be used specified machines. Example, a 1.5T breaker can only be used on a 1.5T mini digger.


What are the most popular attachments?



Buckets come as standard with all diggers. Hire companies supply 2-3 buckets with each machine allowing users to perform the majority of tasks related to digging and levelling. YardLynk suppliers typically provide 350mm, 450mm and a 600mm ditching bucket. These buckets are ideal for landscaping, digging foundations or levelling.



Breakers allow for demolition and breakage of roads, pavements and rocks. Breakers are popular for highways, driveway jobs.


Auger Drill

Auger drills are used to bore holes for fencing, utility, lighting posts as well as for any structural work.


How much does it cost to hire a mini digger attachment?

Popular items such as breakers and augers start from £150 per week. You should also take into account delivery, insurance and VAT. Delivery can range from £20-50 each way. If ordering with the digger delivery can be combined saving you money. Plant hire insurance is required by most reputable companies, it typically costs 15% of the hire cost. Insurance provides peace of mind covering damage to attachments.

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