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What is a dumper?

A dumper is a piece of equipment that typically moves earth, sand and building aggregates. They not only come in various sizes and weights but also have a range of tipping abilities. Choosing the correct dumper will help achieve the desired result efficiently and safely.  


Why hire a dumper?

Dumpers make it more comfortable, safer and therefore quicker to move large amounts of aggregate and waste. The terrain will also affect the alternative options available. Moving a small amount of material on a flat surface may be suited to a wheelbarrow, however, transferring many tonnes across a rough terrain will require a dumper with suitable tires or tracks.


Can anyone hire a dumper?

Yes. Anyone can hire a dumper, but similar to mini diggers, the operator will need a license for any dumper 3 tonnes and higher.


What size of dumper are available?

Dumpers range in size from 0.25 tonne to an enormous 100 tonnes! The most common types of dumpers for hire in the UK range from 0.25 tonne to 6 tonnes. Common sizes include, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5 and 6 tonnes. The bigger dumpers have larger engines and wider buckets allowing them to transport heavier loads.


As well as power, width is key to ensuring the loader can be delivered to the job site and also perform the task which may involve maneuvering through narrow alleys and gates.


Typical widths:

0.5 tonne - 700mm

1 tonne - 1150mm

3 tonne - 1950mm

6 tonne - 2350mm


Different types of dumper


Mini tracked dumper

These are typically 0.25-0.5 tonne and operated with levers while walking behind. They work well for builders and landscapers on small to medium-sized projects.


High tip dumper

Typically 1 tonne and used to load directly into skips.


Front tipper dumper

These are 4-wheel-drive and come with power steering to allow easy handling


Power swivel dumper

The power swivel dumper is similar to the front tipper dumper but enables the load to be swiveled. This dumper is ideal for job sites where space is limited.


How much does it cost to hire a dumper?

The type of dumper will affect the cost. As well as the hire cost there will be insurance, delivery, VAT and a security deposit.


Approximate per week hire costs:


0.5T Mini Tracked Dumper - £156

1.0T Hi-Tip Dumper - £160

3.0T Front Tip/Power Swivel Dumper - £170

6.0T Front Tip/Power Swivel Dumper - £207


Delivery can range from £60-90 round trip depending on the type of dumper and location to the depot; this is usually based on weight. Reputable hire companies require insurance as a condition of the hire. It is possible to buy this privately, or it can be added to the purchase, costing 15-20% of the hire cost. Short-term plant hire insurance is critical and covers damage while on the job site but also in transit. A refundable security deposit in the range of £250-400 will be taken to cover incidentals and damage. The deposit is refunded after the dumpers are collected and inspected. It is typically returned in 2-5 working days by most suppliers.    


Things to consider when hiring a dumper

  • Amount of material to be moved
  • Terrain
  • Space on job site
  • Access
  • Budget
  • Time needed to complete the job

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