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What is a mini digger?

A mini digger, or mini excavator, is a robust piece of machinery used for digging or demolition. It is typically used for its ease of operation, speed, power, and versatility at completing various construction tasks.


Can anyone hire a digger?

Yes, anyone can hire a mini digger. However, there are regulations on who can operate. A license is not needed for diggers under 3 tonnes.


How much does it cost?

Mini digger hire prices vary depending on where in the country and which supplier. Online prices can range massively from £190-450 per week excluding VAT. You also need to factor the cost of insurance, delivery and a security deposit. Choosing a plant hire company near to the job site is critical to reducing the delivery cost. Typical delivery costs can range from £10-80 one way.  A refundable security deposit will be in the region of £250. After the supplier has checked the equipment, the deposit will be refunded minus fuel and other incidentals e.g. fuel. Transparent no-haggle pricing can be hard to find with many plant hire companies preferring you to call.


Apart from cost, what should I consider?

Poor quality of equipment is more likely to break down and cause you delays. A quality hire company will check and service their equipment after each hire; repair any damage and retire any poor equipment. Delivery and collection of diggers will save you both time and money. Check the supplier’s offhire policy to ensure you don’t pay more than necessary.


What projects require a digger?

Mini excavators are used in small to medium-sized projects such as roadsides, home building, and residential improvements.  

Typical uses:

Digging holes and trenches

Digging driveways

Clearing vegetation

Landscaping gardens

Demolishing small buildings such as sheds and garages


What sizes are available?

Mini diggers come in a range of sizes. Larger sized diggers allow for deeper digging and more powerful engines. Dimensions are measured in weight; common sizes include 0.8 tonnes, 1.5 tonnes, 3 tonnes and 5 tonnes. This range will be suitable for the average small to medium-sized project.

What width is a mini digger?

Size is not the only factor when choosing the right mini digger for the project. Depending on both the working location and access, customers need to consider the width of the digger. A smaller digger will fit through narrow doorways, gates, and alleys.

0.8 tonne - 725mm

1.5 tonne - 990mm

3 tonne - 1500mm

5 tonne - 1960mm


How much is mini digger insurance?

Mini digger insurance is required by most plant hire companies. If you are a regular user of a mini digger, it could be cost-effective to buy the insurance directly. Insurance costs are typically 15% of the digger hire cost. It is strongly advisable to have insurance in the event any broken parts are covered.

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