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Powered Access



Powered access is a category of equipment that encompasses cherry pickers, boom lifts and scissor lifts. All these pieces of equipment allow the efficient and safe access low to medium height locations.   


Main types of powered access

Telescopic boom lifts - contains a straight arm that extends.
Cherry pickers - similar to a boom lift but has an articulated arm to reach difficult positions.
Scissor lifts - a platform that rises vertically up. Many options including standard, rough terrain and narrow.
Mast lifts - a compact machine where standard scissor or cherry pickers are unable to manoeuvre
Push around vertical lifts - similar to a mast lift but requires manual operation to lift the platform.

When to use powered access

Powered access is typically used when ladders and scaffolding are not suitable. In most circumstances, they are used for building and maintenance work. They are typically used because they are more nimble and flexible when working in complex elevated areas. Other uses include inspections, camera work, tree pruning and painting.   


How to choose the right equipment

Understanding the requirements of the job will make choosing the right powered access much easier.

  • How high do you need to go?
  • Do you need to reach forward?
  • How many people will be required on the platform?
  • What is the maximum weight to be lifted?
  • What terrain will you be working on?
  • Are there any access restrictions?

How much does it cost?

It will vary depending on the type of equipment, the location of job site and duration. The cost will be broken down into the basic hire cost, delivery, insurance and VAT. In addition, YardLynk requires a £500 security deposit. 


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