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Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts


What is a diesel scissor lift?

A diesel scissor lift is a popular type of powered access. It is a platform that rises vertically on a wheeled base via crisscrossing arms hence the “scissor” name. The platform (sometimes called a cab or cage) allows tradesmen to work safely and efficiently at height. Diesel scissors lifts are used oudoors for a variety of jobs and they can be operated on rough terrain. Platforms can rise from 10 metres up to 34 metres. Some customers find cherry pickers offer more flexibility if access is limited.


Diesel scissor lift costs

There are a number of elements to consider when considering the cost of a diesel scissor lift. The cost is broken down into the following: basic hire cost, delivery, insurance, VAT and deposit. The basic hire cost will vary depending on the type of equipment and duration of hire. Prices start from £210 per week. Delivery charges are fixed at £150. Short-term plant hire insurance is required by any reputable hire company. At YardLynk we add this as standard, alternatively, if you have your own insurance we would need to see proof of insurance. A refundable security deposit of £500 is required. The deposit is returned 3-5 days after collection and inspection.

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