Frequently Asked Questions

How does delivery pricing work?

Delivery is priced on a round trip basis (delivery + collection) and is calculated on the distance between your job site and the supplier. We will always match your booking to the closest possible supplier with availability, to make sure the delivery charges are as low as possible. As soon as we confirm your booking, we’ll charge your payment card with the actual delivery cost.

The delivery price shown on the equipment calculator and at checkout is only a guideline to provide you with an estimate based on average rates. Typical charges can vary between £20-£45 each way depending on the location of your job site.

If you’re hiring multiple items, give us a call and we’ll help group items together on the same vehicle to save on delivery costs.

How and when do I pay for equipment?

You can pay securely online by debit or credit card – we accept all major cards.

When you checkout, we’ll process a £1.00 pre authorisation charge just to verify your payment card – you won’t actually be charged that £1.00.

We’ll only take payment for the transaction value after we’ve matched your booking with a supplier and sent you a confirmation message.

Do I need to pay a security deposit?

Yes, we take a small deposit which is refunded to your payment card as soon as the supplier has collected and checked the equipment. The deposit amount is based on the value of equipment on hire, and ranges from £25 to £250.

If there are any additional charges incurred during your hire, such as fuel consumed or other incidentals, these will be taken out of your deposit.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, to hire equipment through YardLynk you’ll need adequate plant hire insurance, which you can easily purchase from us. For more details on the insurance cover we provide, see HireGuard.

If you have your own insurance policy, you can choose to opt-out of our coverage. We’ll need a copy of your insurance policy before we deliver equipment to your job site.

What documents do I need to provide when hiring equipment?

Before equipment can be delivered to your job site, you’ll need to provide us with a copy of your driving license and insurance policy (if opting-out of our short term cover). You can upload these documents on your online Dashboard, or alternatively, you can email it to if it’s easier. As long as they are valid, we’ll only ask for these documents once.

Who is responsible for delivery?

The Supplier will bring the requested equipment to your job site. We’ll keep in close contact with you and the Supplier to make sure delivery is on time.

How do I off hire equipment?

You can off hire equipment through your Dashboard, or alternatively, give us a call on 020 3642 5223 if it’s easier. We’ll provide you with a reference number to confirm your off hire and schedule a convenient time for the equipment to be collected from your job site.

Please note that equipment remains on hire, and therefore chargeable, until we confirm your off hire instruction. The equipment remains your responsibility until it is collected by the Supplier, but we’ll do our best to make sure collection is quick and convenient.

Who is responsible for damages?

As per our Terms and Conditions, the customer is 100% liable if equipment is damaged, lost or stolen (fair wear and tear excepted). We recommend customers make sure they have adequate insurance to cover any damages. For more details on the short term plant hire insurance we offer, see HireGuard.

Do you offer next day delivery?

Yes, if equipment is needed urgently we’ll check with our network to see which Supplier can deliver the earliest to your job site. If possible, try and book with at least 48 hours notice to guarantee availability, but for immediate bookings call us!

What if I need to cancel the hire?

You can cancel your hire by calling us with at least 24 hours notice. Suppliers need adequate notice in case of cancellations, as they may have already incurred charges relating to set-up and delivery of the equipment, not to mention their loss of hire income from potential customers. In the case of a late cancellation, we’ll refund your order less the one-way delivery fee and 50% of the first day hire value.

Am I responsible for cleaning the equipment before it is collected?

Yes, equipment should be cleaned before it is collected by the Supplier to avoid unwanted charges. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What if I need to hire multiple items?

No problem! If you would like to hire multiple smaller items together, call us on 020 3642 5223, send us an email on or live chat with a member of our team and we’ll put together a quote for you.

What are your terms and conditions?

As a member of the Hire Association of Europe (HAE), we use industry standard terms and conditions. For more information, view our T&Cs.

How does YardLynk pricing work?

“1st Day” is the rate for the first 24 hours. “Extra Day” refers to additional 24-hour periods after the first day or week. “Week” is the maximum rate for a period of 7 days. The “Extra day” rates will only apply up to the maximum rate for a week. Here is an example based on different hire periods:

1st Day: £55
Extra Day: £25
Week: £100

1 day hire = £55
2 day hire = £80
3 day hire = £100
4 day hire = £100
5 day hire = £100
6 day hire = £100
7 day hire = £100
8 day hire = £125
9 day hire = £150
10 day hire = £175
11 day hire = £200
12 day hire = £200
13 day hire = £200
14 day hire = £200

All of our prices exclude VAT.

Other questions?

Get in touch by phone, email or use our live chat to speak to a member of our team.